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Welcome to the web pages of the Rio Sonora Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Tax exempt public charity. The foundation was created in 2015 to advocate for protection and the restoration of the Rio Sonora and the Rio Bacanuchi in northern Sonora Mexico. The foundation will for environmental and general education for the students of the Rio Sonora.

The catalyst for creation of the foundation was the disastrous sulfuric acid spill on August 6, 2014 from the Buena Vista Copper Mine in Cananea.

The need for more environmental protection of the river systems from the effects of long term, ongoing pollution from the Buena Vista Copper Mine in Cananea, and other misuse of the river has been a concern for a long time.  The spill has now brought these issues and the lack of knowledge of environmental issues  into sharp focus

logoYou will find  information here about the river systems, the history of the people, the history of pollution and the responses. You will also find information regarding our efforts to educate and inform the residents of the problems and encourage the state of Sonora and the Mexican government to enforce the laws and standards for mining and general water quality.

The Foundation will work with the local organizations established in Sonora in their activities to educate and affect policy within the municipalities, the State of Sonora and the federal government.

The Rio Sonora’s riparian habitat provides a refuge for many birds and animals making this area a spectacular place for birding.  The desert and the hills are home to javelina, foxes,  jaguars and mountain lions.  Coatimundi and their more familiar cousins, raccoon can be found here along with skunks and other small mammals.  Many reptiles including snakes, and iguanas make the area home.  These species and the domesticated animals and crops that support the population are at risk from further degradation and contamination of the rivers.  The Rio Sonora and the Rio Bacanuchi have been the bringers of life to the desert for thousands of years.  Please make a tax exempt donation and help us keep this life flowing.

For 2017, the officers are:
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Statutory Agent
– Kay Lynn Cummins, Bisbee AZ
Executive Director
– Thomas E. Matthews, Banámichi, Mexico
Board Members
– Lynn Matthews, Banámichi, Mexico
– Jesús R. Romo, Tucson, AZ